Throughout his career, Cormega has showcased his skills over production from the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Havoc of Mobb Deep and other top-notch producers. But ‘Mega says while he was a fan of The Revelations, he was initially skeptical of incorporating live music into his set.

“I knew [The Revelations] through a mutual friend,” Cormega explained. “I didn’t know if it was my cup of tea, but they are dope.”

‘Mega eventually ended up on some RZA-orchestrated sessions featuring The Revelations on “Radiant Jewels.” He added that the positive reception to 2009’s Wu-Tang Chamber Music further encouraged him.

“I saw that was well received,” Cormega says of “Radiant Jewels.” “Then we started working on the shit…just knocking out joints.”

The collaboration spawned more work and the collective wound up performing at Santos Party House in New York City. Cormega and The Revelations would join AZ, Willie The Kid, LA the Darkman and Donny Goines on a shared bill. A few weeks later, ‘Mega would perform at Santos again during the annual CMJ Showcase.

“That was my first show ever working with a band,” Cormega recalled. “If you was there, you know what it is. If you wasn’t there, ask somebody who was there. That shit was nuts. That shit was like ‘Purple Rain.’ It was one of those things where we just meshed well.”