Fans of rapper Lil Kim were in for quite the surprise yesterday when the Brooklyn rapper took part in her first ever Ustream. Amidst numerous “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s” aimed at fans watching the live video chat Lil Kim briefly spoke on her mixtape Black Friday and the delays in mailing out the mixtapes.

“I know there’s [been] a delay with the mixtape, but it’s gonna be well worth the wait so just know I love you and everything I do I always make sure that it’s extra special no matter how long it takes…Hit me up when you got the mixtape,” Lil Kim explained.

According to Kim the mixtape, which sold for $9.99, sold well over 100,000 copies in a little over a day.

In a Tweet made last night (March 3) the rapper revealed that they were currently working on packaging the mixtapes.

“Packing orders all night for you guys,” Lil Kim Tweeted. Attached to the Tweet were two pictures: one picture showed a package from Kimmy Blanco Inc. and the other picture showed numerous packages on top of a table.

Prior to her Ustream debut Lil Kim also appeared on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” with Sway Calloway and of course spoke on her issues with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj.

“They’re the ones that brought this about. It could have been that simple,” said Lil Kim during “Rap Fix Live.” “But what they did was underestimate me. They thought I was gonna sit back and let them do what they were doing. I’m gonna let everybody know: I’m on my Hollywood sophisticated, but I’ll bring it back if I have to. And that’s in life. I can’t help it. I’m G’d up from my feet up. If I have to handle my business, I’mma handle my business. And I have to fight for my fans.”

During her Ustream Lil Kim also announced that she’ll be taking part in the Black Friday tour. 

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