Just Blaze has kept his name hot through changes in the industry. While he still works with established veterans, he’s also unafraid of collaborating with young emcees. Recently, Blaze has been doing a little bit of both as he has been working with Mac Miller and XV, while also participating in long awaited releases for Saigon and Dr. Dre. During an interview with Allindstorm, Just Blaze chopped it up about all of this. 

On his introduction to XV, Blaze noted that he may executive produce XV’s project, if all lines up properly.

“A good friend of mine, Alex, introduced me to XV’s music,” he noted. “So, we met up. he played me some of his music. I thought I heard some potential in what he played me.”

Later, the two met up again and the musical partnership grew even more. 

“He played me some of what he was working on in terms of his album. He definitely has a lane and identity and his own sound and direction. He has a vision of what he wants to do, which I always appreciate in an artist…So, we only spent about a week in the studio so far but things worked out pretty well so we’re in talks with the label about the possibility of me executive producing his album.” 

Mac Miller is another young emcee who Just Blaze has been working with. According to Blaze, he’s been sending tracks to Mac, who has been eager to spit on all of the beats sent. 

“I like his energy and eagerness to try whatever… We hung out a bit. I’ve kind of been schooling him to certain things and giving him music here and there just to demo while I’ve been working on other stuff. I think something will come out of that, as well.”

Perhaps his most anticipated collaboration here is the one he has working with Dr. Dre. Dre, who has fans buzzing about the highly anticipated Detox, enlisted Blaze as one of the guest producers on the album. 

“I’ve been working with Dre on [Detox]. You know, not on some like, right-hand man, helping him do the entire album. I saw speculation that I was heavily involved in the Detox. It’s not even like that. At the most, it looks like I’ll probably have 2 songs on there but we’ve probably done 15 songs.”

Another long awaited album is The Greatest Story Never Told, an album by Saigon that is finally seeing the light of an official release. 

“I’m happy that his album’s coming out,” Blaze noted, after working with Sai. “I’m proud of him.”

For more on the interview, check the video clip below.