Oh boy, even all of the women are beefing these days. With both Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim (who have some problems of their own) being quite for the past couple years, Eve has stepped in and become hip hop’s most popular female emcee. Out come the claws.

In recent weeks both Foxy and Kim have come at Eve in songs. Eve was recently on Miss Jones’ radio show and had some remarks for Foxy.

“I’m really glad I could be an inspiration to her ghostwriter… I write my own songs. I write my own songs. I’m definitely not gonna waste time writing a song about this chick so I can wait on her to pick somebody to write a song back to me…I’m like this, Come see me. I’m definitely not doin no joint, no song back to her. She about to drop too. Good luck with your album sweetie. Good luck. I’m not bringin you back out…I ain’t wastin my time. She playin herself. Ain’t my fault she been out since 96 & her bank account look the same. Do you ma. You look weak. Do you.”

For those unaware, Foxy has been known to write very little of her rhymes, hence the ghostwriter remarks. Jay-Z, for example, wrote a lot of Foxy’s early shit.