There is a seemingly ever-growing list of former collaborators who speak ill of Jay-Z after their relationship soured with the Brooklyn emcee, but Sauce Money says he won’t be joining that list anytime soon.

“Jay is my brother; he’s always gonna be my brother,” Sauce Money told DJ Eclipse and Torae during their “Rap Is Outta Control” show on Sirius satellite radio. “Just like any relationship that’s real, you’re going to take the good with the bad. But it’s not for me to air it out in public. You’re not going to tell me what you and your brother are going through, because you don’t know me like that…but it’s always love, and it’s always respect.”

Sauce Money made his name primarily as a ghostwriter, including Puff Daddy’s triple platinum-selling single “I’ll Be Missing You.” Sauce Money would also appear with Jay-Z on songs such as “Bring It On,” “Face Off,” and “Reservoir Dogs” to name a few. As for his loyalty to Jay-Z, Sauce Money pointed to his major label origins.

“My man Jay-Z actually introduced me to the game in like about 1994, 1995…officially it was 1996,” Sauce Money added. “I did a joint with [Big Daddy] Kane, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, ‘Hov and Shyhiem. It was a joint called ‘Show and Prove,’ that’s like a classic.”

In addition to continuing to ghostwrite, Sauce Money says he’s planning on releasing new material this year while also working with his Lighters in the Sky foundation.