On the Big Tymers first album, 1998’s How You Luv That Birdman (a/k/a Baby), Mannie Fresh and Juvenile made a song called “Try’n 2 Make A Million.” Almost 13 years later, Birdman says he recently made a hundred of them, in one transaction. During a recent appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, the Cash Money Records co-founder was asked the largest check he ever cashed. “A hundred million dollars, ’bout…six months ago,” said the executive-turned-rapper with a smile. What did he do with said money? “Go straight to the team…then it’s playtime.”

Birdman did not reveal who wrote the check, and for what services rendered.

Later in the interview, Birdman was asked about any things from his business career that he wished he’d down differently. He referred back to former Cash Money artist B.G.’s 1999 album Chopper City In The Ghetto‘s first single, “Bling, Bling.” The hit became a cultural phenomenon, leading to the slang term for jewelry to end up in the Oxford Dictionary last decade. “‘Bling, bling’ for sure,” explained Birdman. “We was young, and ain’t really know. If so, we woulda been rich-er. ‘Bling bling’ is definitely something that I wish we [trademarked]. But I guess, keep goin’ in life [and] we’ll get where we tryin’ to go.”

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The full video is below: