Not even a month fresh off the release of her Black Friday mixtape, Lil’ Kim is gunning for Nicki Minaj yet again. Now, the Queen Bee has released a short film about the Young money starlet called Carbon Copy.

Described on YouTube as “A documentary exposé about crazed fans with record deals,” the video mashes up clips of Kim’s past attacks on Minaj in interviews and songs cut over a host of the two artists’ similar images. The video can be seen below.

In related news, Birdman responded to Lil’ Kim’s recent attacks on Nicki while chopping it up with the LA Leakers during NBA All-Star Weekend. He said that he makes sure that he and his artists stay away from beefs, and that Lil’ Kim should move on from her dispute with Nicki at this point.

“Really, I don’t get into that,” said Baby. “Nicki’s my little sister, so we ride. I’m with Nicki no matter how it goes, but I think Kim needs to just do her and stop worrying about what Nicki’s doing and do her own thing. That’s how we’ve always been: we stay focused on the music. We don’t let nothing distract us. But you know, Nicki’s the hottest thing in the game, so you’ve just got to live with it and do your own thing.”

The full interview with Birdman can be seen below.