Following the release of rapper Kanye West’s new music video for his track “All Of The Lights,” the Chicago rapper has been hit with accusations claiming that he stole ideas for the video.

Numerous blogs including are accusing West of biting off the 2009 French film Enter The Void in his music video.

“Either it’s a deliberate homage to the film, or… well, maybe nobody thought Kanye’s fans would know anything about relatively obscure French melodramas,” wrote blogger Lind Sharps. “Hard to say.”

Directed by Hype Williams the “All Of The Lights” music video features part of the lyrics to the song as flashing words (in various fonts and colors) set against a black background.

The opening credits to Enter The Void also use the same theme of flashing words set against a black background.

Neither West nor the directors/producers of Enter The Void have commented on reports of the two videos striking similarities.

Below is the video for West’s “All Of The Lights” as well as the opening scene of Enter The Void