Author Jermel “Mouse” Coleman, brother of Brooklyn rapper Maino, is set to release his new novel, Gangstas Don’t Die, described as the tale of the “trials and tribulations of modern street hustle.”

The book, which dropped Monday (February 21) via Hustle Hard Publishing and, follows the story of Calvin “Littles” Goodman.

Coleman writes from the experiences in his life, which include losing his father to drug addiction and getting arrested, Mouse began his career by planning a release for the novel he wrote behind bars.

“For those who are unable relate to the story, I’m trying to paint a picture of understanding for them,” says Mouse. “So even though they can’t relate to the choices that some of us make growing up in the inner city, they can understand the circumstances, and maybe relate to the integrity of some of these characters. And for those who truly come from that same place, they will relate to the sense of camaraderie, loyalty and love.”

“This book conveys the sense of family, brother and sisterhood that I feel strongly about,” he added. “As an author and storyteller, I try to be as visual as possible. I try to give the reader as much as insight I can see in my head, right down to the scent. I draw my stories from a real place.”

In other news, songwriter/lyricist David RUSH will debut the first episode of his webseries RUSH[ED], which follows his journey after being diagnosed with a potentially fatal kidney disease in 2007.

RUSH was estimated to have only a year to live, but on March 1, he will show fans an account of how he beat the odds.

Prior to the debut, David will release RUSH[ED]: The Soundtrack, a musical accompaniment to the webseries, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.

“I have grown soo much, and learned so much about the parts of this business that would eat you alive if you let it,” says RUSH. “My sound is finally what I want it to be, because for a while I felt locked into one lane. It’s been a couple of years since I put anything out on a national scale, so I feel brand new and refreshed on so many levels. I dropped a little weight, and that was something I needed and wanted to do for a long time. I’m truly happy with where I’m at now, so it’s all brand new for me! I’m ready to take it all on!”

“I’m just recording with my XBMG team, and working with beats by my production team right now, but I’m looking forward to working on my album and working with the best out,” he explains. “They say the sky is the limit – but we’re already to the moon, so there’s no telling how far we can go!”

Finally, Top $ Raz released The New Flesh, his latest album, yesterday (February 22). The album will feature appearances from YC the Cynic, J57 of Brown Bag All Stars, and many more.

“I’m always impressed with Raz’s music,” says YC the Cynic, “But I feel like The New Flesh takes his listeners to the next level by improving upon his previous work. You’ll still get the emotion-evoking songs that initially made him a standout Emcee in New York but now his lyrical prowess and hit-making abilities have really become evident. I think this will be his breakout album, definitely.”

Says Raz of his album: “This is probably the most work I’ve put into anything ever in my entire life. People are definitely going to respond to the effort I have put into this lyrical project. I simply don’t believe in shortcuts and am relying on that to differentiate me from other young emcees.”