The day back from a three-day-weekend is always rough. But whether you had to work through the holiday or are just glad to be that much closer to another weekend, there’s plenty of entertaining stuff circulating through cyberspace to bring Friday (a/k/a Dead President’s Day) that much closer.

Snoop Channels Dave Chappelle

Remember the old Chappelle’s Show skit about “Great New York Boobs?” Well, we’re sort of a family site, so while we can’t run it here, you can Google it. In the meantime, it appears Snoop Dogg got nostalgic for Chappelle’s Show and re-enacted a few of Dave’s breast moments from the iconic sketch comedy show. This clip is obviously not safe for work, but Snoop’s running commentary on the female audience members dumb enough to show their breasts in public is classic. Shouts out to Nigel D from RealTalkNY for capturing the footage.

Watch “Snoop Dogg Berates Fan”

“Like that Bron-Bron?”

We know sports fans are buried in Carmelo Anthony fever, for better or worse today. But did you know the Miami Heat have been doing their player introductions to an instrumental of C-Murder’s “Down 4 My Niggaz” each night? The good folks at the FreeDarko collective did. They wrote an interesting piece about the subliminal racial and socio-economical undertones of LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh taking the court to an instrumental of a song now devoid of the chorus, “Fuck them other niggas / Cuz I’m down for my niggaz.”

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“Grown Man Business”

There was a time when rappers assumed getting your grown man on referred to buying a trendy, button-down, oxford shirt to go with your jeans and Air Force One’s. But The Huffington Post takes a look at what happens when Hip Hop goes from Public Enemy’s message of fighting the power to making a valid attempt to reclaim real political power. Chicago’s Che “Rhymefest” Smith, West Lawn’s Hector Gonzalez (of “University of Hip Hop” fame), Rafael Vargas of the 43rd Ward, and Chi-Rock Nation’s Brian Sleet are all profiled.

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