In a studio session videotaped for Bangladesh TV, G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T spoke on both the versatility of his music and overcoming the stresses of the music industry.

“Let people know we are versatile. We can work with different people and different producers, different sounds. Our sound is universal,” Pusha T explained. “So the anxiety part of it man I think we done been through damn near everything wrong in the music industry. Don’t nothing scare me about this shit. Nothing. It’s just what we gotta do. It’s the work, it’s the business, and it’s the passion.”

While the videotaped studio session did not feature any new music from Bangladesh or Pusha T, Pusha T did reveal that he’s pretty confident in Bangladesh’s sound.

“Bang do his thing, period. And I just recognize it man. I recognize and I recognize the sounds. So I sorta got a idea what I want coming in to the scene,” said Pusha T.

Bangladesh has been working with Pusha T since late last year for the rappers debut solo album.

“Pusha T? Shit. That real dopeboy shit. Nigga like started that shit,” Bangladesh explained. “Like lyrical dopeboy shit you know what I’m saying.”