According to a Tweet made earlier this week, Texas rapper Bun B may soon be in the process of suing a clothing company as part of a copyright infringement suit.

“Unless there’s a contract with me/estate, you’re looking at a lawsuit. RT @JLaPuma: @BunBTrillOG thoughts?,” said Bun B in a Tweet made on Thursday, February 17.

The link Bun B commented on was a Website that features a t-shirt with the words “Trillionaire Boys Club” and an image of Bun B and deceased UGK member Chad “Pimp C” Butler.

The clothing company has yet to respond to Bun B’s comments in regards to a lawsuit. Bun B currently serves as a guest lecturer at Houston’s Rice University; he teaches a spirituality and Hip Hop course.

In other Hip Hop news, DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill recently spoke on his musical influences and revealed that he’s a fan of Dubstep, a genre that he says reminds him of Hip Hop’s early days.

“I first experienced dubstep for the first time about six years ago. It reminded me of Hip Hop,” DJ Muggs explained. “Like the energy, and the rawness of the music, and the rawness of the crowds is what reminded me of Hip Hop in the 80’s. I was like ‘this shit right here is banging.’ It had the same spirit as Hip Hop so I think that’s what drew me to it.”

DJ Muggs is currently working on Bass For Your Face, an album that’s expected to be released later in the year.

“It’s nothing but bass music. So then again anything with bass in it. Combining sounds, combining Middle Eastern sounds with Hip Hop with the dubstep,” said DJ Muggs. “I mean just combining with different things and experimenting. Brining our own sound and our own style.”

According to TMZ, a graffiti tag placed on a Los Angeles billboard by artist Banksy has already been taken down.

The graffiti tag which featured a painting of Mickey and Minnie Mouse was taken down by a billboard company earlier this week. Reports even claim that a physical altercation erupted after Banksy’s work was taken down. It’s unclear who was involved in the altercation.