A few days ago Lil’ Kim took to Twitter to announce that she not only sold 113,000 mixtapes in 28 hours, but broke PayPal records. Given the $10 price tag on a largely free medium, not to mention to current sales climate, many people doubted the legitimacy of those numbers.

Rap-Up.com caught up with Kim and asked her about those figures, the former Junior M.A.F.I.A. rapper did not back up her words.

“There was actually a representative at PayPal who basically didn’t really confirm or deny it, but also [said] that they’re very happy and proud of the success of Lil’ Kim,” she said when asked of the authenticity of the sales figures. “I think numbers in other areas speak for themselves. I mean, why aren’t they questioning the Black Friday being at 2.5 [million views] in less than 18 hours? Why aren’t they questioning that? What’s the difference? How can you add up one thing and not the other? I just feel like people pick and choose the area that they want to attack [laughs].”

While she didn’t know the current sales numbers, Kim did know about Nicki Minaj’s reaction.

“I heard about it. I didn’t see it actually for myself, but to be honest with you, homegirl is basically obsolete to me right now. She’s doing a lot of lame stuff. She’s so lame to me right now—she’s always been, but now really. At the end of the day, her sales can be questioned also. Not to say she didn’t have the build-up, but the only thing you kept hearing before her album dropped was nobody liked it, it was wack. Don’t get me wrong, she might have a couple songs that are OK, but who cares. The haters will be haters, that’s their job, and we need them.”