While Slaughterhouse supporters have been anxiously awaiting any new music from the latest Shady Records signees, they have been treated to an EP. Fans can also expect some more independent solo cuts from the SH crew members, as they finish out contractual obligations. Still, this doesn’t mean fans won’t get anything to be excited over before hearing the Shady debut of the crew. In fact, fans may get to hear Slaughter over the Good Doctor soon. In a recent interview with Vibe, Royce spoke on the possibility of a Dr. Dre-produced Slaughterhouse track being on his next independent solo release, Success Is Certain.

“The first thing that popped into my mind—I don’t even want to say,” Royce said when asked about potential surprises. “Dr. Dre and Slaughterhouse—there’s a possibility. [There’s] a song that exists but I’m still deciding if I’m put it on there or not.”

Other collabos may include tracks with Yelawolf, a fellow Shady Records artist. 

“Yelawolf actually just reached out, and said he had like a posse type cut for his album, that he wanted us to do. I got an album—my last independent album coming in April. I’ve got to squeeze Yelawolf on there somewhere.”

Slaughterhouse is presently working on their Shady Records debut.