Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the country’s ongoing presidential election musician/activist Wyclef Jean and actor Sean Penn have had quite a few choice words for each other. But tensions between the two men may have come to a halt following a recent confrontation at B.B. King’s in New York City.

Both Penn and Wyclef were at the venue to see a performance from Haitian band T-Vice, but later found themselves taking part in a 30-minute long conversation in one of the venues dressing rooms.

“They were both in the venue, and when they saw each other at around 1 a.m., they started a confrontation,” a source explained to the New York Post. “Things seemed pretty tense, and everyone around them was nervous. They then asked staff if they could go somewhere private, so they were led into a dressing room backstage where they could be alone and shut the door. They weren’t yelling and screaming, but they had it out and aired their differences for 30 minutes. When they came out they hugged each other, they went onstage and stood side-by-side.”

Last year Penn was highly critical of Wyclef’s run for president and even stated that Wyclef was a “personality that threatens to create a new swell of social unrest in a plagued country.”

After being informed of Penn’s comment Wyclef responded with an even harsher one.

“I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine,” said Wyclef.

Following their conversation Penn showed his support on stage for both Wyclef and presidential candidate Michel Martelly by announcing that, “In Haiti, we have got an opportunity as Americans whether you are from Haitian diaspora or pricks like me…These two men beside me will lead the way if you support them…let’s move on for some fun.”