Claudia Aderotimi, an up and coming rapper and model from East London, passed away earlier this week following a plastic surgery that took place in the United States.

The 20-year-old artist traveled to Philadelphia to receive illegal butt injections, but was later hospitalized with chest pains shortly after returning to the UK. Aderotimi passed away not too long after being hospitalized.

Police are still looking for the doctor who administered the injections to Aderotimi in a Philadelphia hotel.

“We interviewed a woman who did all the emails to get the girls out here,” said a police spokesperson, according to “We’re now trying to identify the injector. No arrests have been made.”

Aderotimi’s friends and family, who had no idea she was traveling to the U.S. for plastic surgery, revealed that Aderotimi sometimes dealt with body issues.

“She said she was going to the U.S., but didn’t say why,” Claudia’s sister Toomi explained to the Vanguard. “We thought it was a holiday. What happened is a huge shock. Her mother is very ill and is taking this very badly.”