Boston, Massachussetts’ MC Esoteric contacted HipHopDX this afternoon to announce the release of Boston Pharoah, a limited edition album sold on tour and through his website. The emcee, best known for his role in veteran underground Hip Hop duo 7L & Esoteric, the Army of the Pharoahs member used this as an opportunity to work with his band-mates through the northeast region of the country.

Boston Pharoah will be limited to a production run of 500 copies. Each will be hand stamped and numbered by Esoteric himself, and available on upcoming tour dates, as well as on The work features rhymes from Reef the Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Apathy, Blacastan, Motive, and more with production from 7L, Esoteric, Apathy, DC the Midi Alien, Durkin, and Teddy Roxpin.

Last year, 7L & Esoteric released 1212, which was included in HipHopDX’s “Top 25 Albums of 2010.”

(February 4)

UPDATE: The tracklisting to Boston Pharoah is as follows:

1. One-2 (produced by Esoteric)
2. Enough of You (produced by Teddy Roxpin, cuts by Tone Spliff)
3. As a Lion (produced by 7L, cuts by 7L)
4. Here We Go Again (feat Blacastan, prod by Esoteric, cuts by 7L)
5. Pharaoh 500 (feat Outerspace, produced by Durkin)
6. To Catch a Predator Priest (produced by Durkin, cuts by 7L)
7. Heavy (featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, prod by Esoteric)
8. Here We Come (feat Apathy & Motive, prod by Apathy)
9. Palin / Vick (produced by Esoteric & DC the MIDI Alien)
10. F*ck Your Boutique (produced by Esoteric)
11. Mickey Mouse Bullsh*t (produced by Esoteric)
12. Guns, Germs, and Steel (produced by Esoteric)
13. To the Drummer (produced by Esoteric, beatbox by Yung X)