Hip Hop has come along way from its days as a young culture in New York disregarded as a potential fad. The culture has spread through the nation and the world, inspiring individuals from numerous walks of life, influencing generations and putting its footprints all over the map. Now, that young culture that was birthed in New York is heading into the Grammy Museum.

The Grammy Museum’s latest exhibit is Hip Hop: A Cultural Odyssey. The exhibit is one based on a large-format photography book that traces Hip Hop back through four decades of history. The exhibit will feature interactive mixing and listening stations, rare photographs and video footage. Original artifacts will also be found there, including handwritten rhymes by Tupac. Sneaker heads will also be excited to be find a Hip Hop Sneaker Gallery. 

The Grammy Museum is in Los Angeles, California. For fans who live in the area, or those who are willing to travel, the exhibit can be found at 800 W. Olympic Boulevard. Hip Hop: A Cultural Odyssey opens this Saturday and will remain open until May.