The back of the week has been broken. It’s humpday, and we’re on and poppin’ with more news, audio, video and features from your favorite Hip Hop website. Here’s some cool stuff goin’ on around the web:


HipHopDX loves food, almost as much as we like Hip Hop. Sometimes better than food is food television. Adam Richman, host of Man Vs. Food on the TLC channel is particularly entertaining. Our friend Uncle Louie passed over a brief interview, that reveals that Richman is in fact a Hip Hop head – of sorts. From Public Enemy, to Pete Rock & CL Smooth, TLC’s main attraction even still plays Lupe Fiasco, Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne today. Play-lists don’t often shock us, but this one was a great lunchtime read.

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Groundhog Day Rappers

One of the worst movies ever made is Groundhog Day, absolutely terrible. That’s coming from die-hard Bill Murray fans too. However, while the film is painful to watch, it has a lot of truth, and definitely has become a cultural reference in talking about repetition (and punching out a Ned Reyerson or two). The Complex homies touched on this, on the actual Groundhog Day (February 2), by looking at when rappers keep doing the same thing. Jay-Z for instance made “Hard Knock Life,” and followed it up with “Anything,” nearly setting off a Rap/Show-tunes trend that would have put us all out of job. Also (rightfully) called are are Eminem, Erick Sermon and Jadakiss. Quality points made…

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Current Calls Out Calvin

We love Snoop Dogg, and he’s shown us a lot of love back. Even though we’re never allowed to really interview Snoop, but rather just talk about whatever he’s plugging at the time, we consider Doggystyle one of this company’s FAVORITE albums. Moreover, we like various other songs and albums from his catalog. However, we really wish Snoop Dogg wouldn’t be so mainstream and all. But Current TV’s Sergio Cilli tells it like it is…and we love Current TV too…