Wiz Khalifa says there will be no beef between himself and Tyga—or any other rapper for that matter. There were rumors of a feud between the two artists after a misinterpretation of the following line from Wiz’s song “Ink My Whole Body:”

“Body marked up like a subway in Harlem / Niggas say it’s hard white people say it’s awesome / Chest neck tatted / Whole sleeve on my arm done / They say I look like Tyga man / I put some lime in Swisher Sweet and twist it all up…”

But during an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, Wiz cleared the matter up, adding that he hoped to record with Tyga.

“Me and him never, ever, ever had a problem,” Wiz said. “There was always a little bit of a comparison just between our look—us having tattoos and stuff like that. But that was early in the game. I think our fans and people have just separated us naturally—just that same little competition thing came back up. People were wanting that beef to be there and taking his lines out of context in some of his songs. And when I said his name in that song, I didn’t say it in a negative way. But just the fact that I was saying it, people was taking it as I was beefing with him. Then when I stopped saying it, they took it as I was beefing with him too.”

There may be no such reconciliation with former reality television performer Natalie Nunn. The one-time cast member of Oxygen’s “Bad Girl’s Club” has been making the rounds insulting Wiz Khalifa and his rumored new love interest Amber Rose. Wiz confirmed meeting Nunn in Pittsburgh, but expressed dismay at why she would go on a tirade against him.

“She was way cooler than she seemed on TV; I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and I was nothing but nice to her,” Wiz added. “It was a good first meeting. Down the line, I don’t know where it got messed up. And this is a short amount of time that we’re talking about too. It’s just real unfortunate, because I’m such a positive person. So it kind of sucked when I get on there and see her talking so bad. I’m not the first rapper that she’s ever met before.”