Happy Monday, DX readers. In the hearts of everyone Hip Hop right now is one of our Godfathers, DJ Kool Herc. The founder of Hip Hop is in poor health, and we ask you all (just as we are) to put him in your thoughts, prayers and hearts.

What Rick Ross & Diddy Should Have Done With $1 Million On Strippers

HipHopDX’s former Editor-in-Chief Andreas Hale penned a mindful list that looks at where Hip Hop comes from, as well as where Rap is at. At his TheWellVersed.com site, Hale noted that Rick Ross and Diddy reported spent a million dollars over the weekend at a Miami strip-club birthday party for Rozay, as our beloved founder needs financial assistance for medical bills.

Obviously, we are fans of both Diddy and Ross (and some of us, strip clubs), and have to think that they were unaware of Kool Herc’s condition. Still, in an era of decadence, this calls to mind what really matters, along with nine other worthy causes where a million dollars could have made a big difference. Salute to Dre, a keystone in this site’s history, for speaking his mind.

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The Wall Street Journal recently looked at “Rehab albums.” With Eminem’s Relapse and Recovery both being top albums for 2009 and 2010 respectively (and even Lecrae’s Rehab making waves on the charts), this is a popular phenomenon in all genres of music – with a deep history in Rock & Roll. Outside of just sales, this dope piece (no pun) analyses the musical merits of what happens when our favorite artists/musical masterminds go clean.

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Parting Shots:

After the monthly Mixtape Wrapups went on ice last year. We’re kicking it off with Purp & Patron, Game’s double-disc masterpiece. In today’s digital age, we have no choice but to celebrate works of art properly. Reviews will happen only for the biggest tapes to release (so please chill on submissions to those of you who get click-happy), but we wanted to let you know of just one more way we’re (always) listening and reporting.