To raise awareness of the upcoming National Museum Of Hip Hop (NMoH) which will be built in New York City and to raise funds for the project those behind the creation of the museum have launched the worldwide “Donate-A-Dollah” campaign.  

The NMoH is asking that fans of Hip Hop across the globe donate a dollar to the “Donate-A-Dollah” campaign. Since a donation can only be made once the NMoH will also use the results of their campaign to create a sort of Hip Hop census.

The campaign will also help organizer’s decide which borough in New York City the museum will be placed in.

“If we are ever going to create positive change within our inner-city communities, we must stop depending on out-of-area government officials and corrupt politicians; true changes begins and ends with the PEOPLE.  But before the people (hip-hop culture) can exact change, they must first be unified; this, unification, is the underlying focus of the DAD Campaign,” said Craig Wilson, creator of DAD & President of NMoH.  “Hip-Hop is a world renowned culture and is long overdue for an institution to recognize and educate the public on the positive contributions of the four original elements of its culture.”

The National Museum of Hip Hop was founded in 2005 with plans for a physical museum having been brought up in the last two years or so. Last year the National Museum of Hip Hop faced a number of problems including financial issues, location problems, and even a boycott against the museum led by Hip Hop icon KRS-One.