A Branson, Missouri concert promoter is accusing members of Nelly’s entourage of kidnapping one of his bodyguards and threatening him.

According to Paul Dunn, the rapper’s road manager, Abby Cole, confronted him and demanded an extra $35,000 at the end of an August 2010 Nelly show.

“He had a figure wrote down and demanded when the concert was over I give him that money — cash money,” said Dunn, according to yoraps.com.

After the event, Dunn claims he was followed to IHOP, where his vehicle was cornered and he was threatened.

“[In the restaurant’s parking lot, Cole] basically kidnaps one of my security guards,” continued Dunn. “I thought I was going to get shot. I thought to be honest with you; I thought I was fixing to get shot.”

There was some apparent miscommunication, as a rep for Nelly says that the agreed-upon price was $75,000. Dunn denies this claim, saying that he gave the emcee a $37,000 check and $3,000 cash, and they never agreed on anything further.

Dunn did hand over a $35,000 check following the incident, but placed a stop payment before it could be cashed. “I’m not paying it because it wasn’t part of our agreement,” added Dunn.

Blu Bolden, Derrty Entertainment’s COO, sent an email denying all allegations by Dunn, and revealed that the company “intend[s] to pursue our claims in the appropriate venue.”