It is not everyday that you come across an artist who encourages you download their music, but that is precisely what Tech N9ne is doing. Tech N9ne and M.S.C. Music & Entertainment encourage you to go and download his new album, “Absolute Power.” The reason, they believe in good music.

Industry sales are declining in music and the labels are quick to blame bootlegging and file sharing, ie. the fans. Tech N9ne doesn’t blame us, why should fans waste their money on an album that only has two good songs? Being able to sample music is a good way to solve that.

So Tech and M.S.C. encourage you to download the new album. They will not be submitting any music to radio stations, they will promoting this campaign on television and on the Internet. If fans like the Tech’s music, they can buy a retail version of the album with 7 additional songs and a DVD.

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