Juelz Santana’s name has been thrown in the mix of a legal issue as one of his affiliates, Toby M. Raynor, faces drug charges. Raynor, also known as Hynief, was recently placed under arrest after he allegedly sold drugs to an undercover police officer and was taken during a raid of Juelz’s studio in Bergenfield, New Jersey. 

Police officers who raided the studio found weapons, drugs and drug paraphernalia, including 17 bags of what officers believe is marijuana, according to a police spokesperson.

“Two fully loaded 9mm caliber handguns were found in the recording studio along with several boxes of ammunition. Additionally, seventeen (17) small clear zip-lock bags each containing a greenish brown vegetation, consistent with the appearance of Marijuana, and drug paraphernalia were seized,” the spokesperson said in a statement. 

According to Santana’s Twitter page, Hynief was bailed out.

While Juelz isn’t reported to have been in prison, he did miss an appearance in Chicago, one he apologized for. 

A! If it ant 1 thing it’s another smh sorry to all the people in chi-town that came out last night I couldn’t make It!! Trouble wit the lawless than a minute ago via Echofon