While the legacy of Nassir Jones is one even he couldn’t have fathomed from the outset, his father and acclaimed musician Olu Dara says he had foreseen greatness since his humble beginnings in Queens, New York.

In a recently liberated interview from 2009, Olu explained that, much like his father once set a standard for him, he too did the same for his oldest child. “I never thought, wow, my son is this and my son is that, I expected him to be on that level.”

He also stated that these high expectations never clouded his appreciation for Nas’ abilities. “I’m really proud [of him], and not proud because he is an icon in the Hip Hop world, I’m proud of him because he’s a good son with a good talent that I respect and his family respects.”

He added, “[Our] whole family expected him to be that way no matter what he did. Even if he was a garbage man, we would have been just as proud.”

Watch below as Olu Dara discusses his own musical travels with Fokis.