The DX staff is all battling sickness this week. The digital word got germs, and we’re all laid up coughin’, sneezin’ and wheezin’ this week. As the Vitamin C is on smash right now, we’re trying to bounce back. Along with heavy doses of On Demand movie-watching and lots of Jazz LP re-listening, we found some cool stuff on the interwebs to share with our readers.

Lil B Crash Course

When the homies at Complex get behind an artist, it means something. Lil B has caught our attention over the last two years. He even performed at our South By Southwest showcase with SMC Recordings last March (with The Pack). But as we learn what it means to be #Based, Complex made a catch-up for one of the biggest comeback stories of recent years. They went into B’s self-released catalog to help you understand how Based God is taking over Hip Hop in his unique way.

Check out “The 25 Most Essential Lil B Songs” at here.

Eminem At The Movies

Jason Newman is a longtime friend of the DX editorial staff. This Hip Hop journalist and former Wall Street executive pioneered the Hip Hop Karaoke movement that’s gone global, and penned some pretty dope articles over the years. Jason spoke with DX for his latest piece for AOL’s Popeater, which looks at Eminem’s acting abilities. Is he the next Will Smith? Is he taking steps closer to former foe Ja Rule? What do you think?

Read “Eminem Plans a Return to the Big Screen, But Can He Forge a Successful Acting Career?” at here.

A Searchable Rap Almanac

What more can we say than “check this out.” Every Rap fan needs two resources: ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists and a thirst for knowledge. But if done properly, this could shake up the web and let the new generation see where they got it from. Salute to for shining the light.

Check out “The Hip-Hop Word Count: A Searchable Rap Almanac” here.

Lastly, while we were laid up with the sick bug, we did a midnight interview last week with Mista Montana, Menace and the Conspiracy Worldwide Radio show. You’re going to want to hear Saigon and Jedi Mind Tricks (with Jus Allah) more than our Editor-in-Chief Jake, but if you’re interested in the inner-workings of DX, this is a really thoughtful set of questions from Conspiracy’s Hip Hop experts.

Part 1, Part 2