What you’re reading above is not a misprint. T-Pain is setting up to release the “Booty Symphony” application on Google’s highly successful Android platform. Based on the title alone, one couldn’t be surprised if the app ends up being critically panned much like T-Pain’s infamous “Big Ass Chain” or his accidental endorsement of political conservatives with Sean Hannity.

Placing cultural observations aside for a moment, the app allows users to remix existing music videos by orchestrating footage of women’s behinds shaking. An official press by Nappy Boy Entertainment fills in the rest of the details:

“Every time you tap a booty, a new sound and rump-shaking visual is added to the mix. And just in case you want additional ‘assets,’ Booty Symphony lets users upload their own juicy videos to the soundboard.”

T-Pain’s first app, “I Am T-Pain,” sold 300,000 paid downloads in three weeks, with each download listed at a price of $2.99. With the Adroid platform eclipsing Apple’s iPhone users last summer, the move could prove to be a shrewd business decision. Despite the cringe-worthy thought of anything that “orchestrates booties,” the freely downloadable app comes with free music from the Nappy Boy catalogue. So T-Pain essentially gets free promotion for himself and his artists by way of any of the millions of smartphone on the Android platform who choose to download the app.

The free Android version of the app is available via GetJar at http://getjar.com/Booty-Symphony. A premium version is available on the Android Market for $2.99. To get more information on the app, visit www.bootysymphony.com.