Kanye West is good for business. This applies to his own album sales, which now include the recently certified platinum My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It also applies to the business of selling magazines and increasing Web traffic. West recently addressed the various rumors and his relationship with different media outlets.

“This shit takes the air out my lungs sometimes from blogs to news reports…enough already!!!” he wrote. “All I do is focus on my work.”

West was specifically referring to a report that he bought a $180,000 gold and diamond watch from Tiret. Many media outlets, including HipHopDX, ran the story. However, West says that not only is the watch nearly a decade old, but that he never purchased it.

There’s a new lie everyday… a new media spin… I never got a watch with my face on it!!! A company tried to give that to me 9 yrs ago!about 13 hours ago via web

Other recent rumors include the tabloid fodder that he instigated some kind of Twitter feud with Britney Spears because her single “Hold It Against Me” edged out his Jay-Z collaboration “H.A.M.” as the country’s top-charting single. West also ended any gossip of him going the Lance Bass route and training to be an astronaut. West has gone on record as saying he rarely does interviews, opting instead to use the direct formats of Twitter and UStream. He did a brief press run for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, however his interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer and the following tweet indicate that will most likely be the exception as opposed to the rule.

When I said the comment about Brittney I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all!about 13 hours ago via web

“If the media wants to make a story…just say I have atrocious spelling and terrible grammar. If you don’t give ‘em a story they just make one up. I’m just trying to focus & stay creative! Keep bringing dope shit to the world!”