Over the last several months gangsta rapper Shyne has been studying for a conversion to Hasidic Judaism. The former Bad Boy star has moved to Israel and begun making and releasing music there. Now he’d like to make things official as he’s formally requested to be made a full Israeli citizen by the country’s government. According to AllHipHop.com, Shyne was quoted by the Isreal based website ISREAL21c as saying, “We are getting this dual citizenship thing going.”

Though the rapper has changed his civilian name to Moses Levi he is quick to point out that that change may not necessarily be reflected in the music he makes as Shyne. He says, “I make music for the masses. Moshe Levi has a great impact on the music that Shyne makes, and I’m sure in the future you might see that, but I never prophesied that I’d be making religious music.”

The Belizean born emcee has been having so much success, spiritually and musically, in Israel that he has been invited to appear on a popular religious variety show, Tuesday Night Live. The show is set to air in February.