Continuing a troubling trend of young rappers getting their chains stolen, Young Money emcee Gudda Gudda is the latest reported victim, joining the ranks of Yung Berg.

According to, Young Money hosted a show at Club Olmeca in Burnsville, Minnesota.

The show was headlined by Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine. During the show, Gudda was wearing a yellow gold dog tag with the Young Money emblem, encrusted with black and red diamonds. During the performance of their hit song “Bedrock,” a source indicated that a member of Cambodian blood gang “G.M.F.” snatched the chain and jumped off stage.

Apparently, Gudda jumped into the crowd and struck the thief three or four times before security intervened.

Gudda addressed the issue on his Twitter account (@imguddagudda) shortly thereafter.

great show in minnesota until this bum ass nigga tried to snatch my chain and didnt make it out the club wit it! nice try pussy!1:03 AM January 15 via web

(January 16, 2011)

UPDATE: In an interview with DJ Ill Will, Gudda Gudda recently confirmed that his Young Money necklace was attempted to be stolen in a botched robbery. “A nigga tried to snatch it. I was performin’ in Minnesota, and a nigga tried to snatch the mothafucka, and failed like a mothafucka.” The video features Gudda showing the cameras the jewelry in question.

The necklace reportedly broke in several places, and the suspect had a piece of the necklace. “This is what he had when we caught him,” Gudda explained to Ill Will’s camera. “Nigga tried to make a Young Money keychain or somethin’…Nigga better bring a motherfuckin’ pistol next time.”

The video can be seen below: