Chicago emcee Rhymefest made public his intentions to run for public office in his home city last year. The rapper announced that he would be running for Alderman in the 20th Ward of Chicago. But before his political career could truly get under way ‘Fest’s eligibility was questioned. In November of last year the 20th Ward’s present Alderman, Willie B. Cochran, made some inflammatory comments to the Chicago-Time about the musician’s candidacy, saying, “The voters of the 20th Ward know the difference between a professional public administrator who’s been doing an outstanding job for them . . . as opposed to someone who is a known hip-hop artist who degrades women and promotes violence in his videos.” The man born Che Smith also came under fire for allegedly not meeting the election’s residency requirements.

All of these allegations didn’t stop the emcee from campaigning and staying active with community outreach Chicago but it looked as if all of that work might go for not. Fortunately for him, the effort to remove Rhymefest from the ballot was unsuccessful, having been defeated by the Chicago Board of Elections on January 11th, according to In response to the good news the Second City star tweeted, “After all my opponents have attempted to do in the name of politics like challenging my name on the ballot we continue overcome!”

The Chicago local General Elections will take place January 31st through February 17th.