Jay Electronica has been working at his own pace for a while. But it appears that pace has sped up after signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. Jay Electronica has already made noise with his Jay-Z assisted single, “Shiny Suit Theory” and a recent Mountain Dew commercial. While in Toronto for the Manifest Festival, Jay spoke on another move that listeners have been hoping for since his debut.

“Working with Nas is good; it’s an honor and a privilege,” Jay Electronica told The Come Up Show. “Because he someone you look up to coming up. When you look at Nas, it’s not even an argument—he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. The only argument is if he is the greatest, so it’s exciting. As a swordsman, it’s always exciting meeting another swordsman. How does he swing his? Pause…that’s for the New Yorkers.”

Nas and Jay Electronica previously worked together on “Queens Get The Money,” which Jay Electronica produced. All “sword” references aside, the collaboration may be another move in what has arguably been Jay Electronica’s most active period to date. In addition to his signing and recent single release, he added that he still plans on releasing Act II, Act III and a few other projects.