While many would expect the son of award-winning actor Tom Hanks to pursue a career in acting, Chet Hanks is taking another route. Hanks, who goes by the stage name of Chet Haze, is actually an aspiring rapper.

He’s even released his own remix to Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Black And Yellow.” Haze’s remix is instead titled “White And Purple” and is somewhat of an anthem for the school he’s currently attending, Northwestern University.

“He is an up and coming MC with a flow that does California proud, partnered with lyrical intelligence that complements his attendance at Northwestern University,” reads a bio on Haze’s Facebook page. “Living the college life, Chet’s days consist of chilling with his boys, attending class, and taking care of business. However, his nights consist of absolutely murdering tracks, and living what he is really spitting.”

On “White And Purple” Haze takes on your typical college rapper material: marijuana, shots, fraternity life, and more.

“White kicks/ Purple kush/ This is college, hittin blunts after hittin books,” Haze raps.

On top of “White And Purple” Haze has also released another song titled “West Side L.A.”