There aren’t many artists left who are a guaranteed platinum plus every time they drop an album, but two of them are making an album together. Yet Swizz Beatz, who has been in the studio with them, told MTV that Kanye and big brother aren’t trying to make hits with this album.

“I think they’re just doing them. I don’t think artists nowadays are paying attention to any like, particular formats. Because the industry is not what it used to be — you can’t predict a Top 40 record or a #1 Urban record. You just gotta just do what you feel is hot. It’s just like you feel like you don’t want to rap no more [or] you wanna keep going past the hook, just keep going past the hook. That makes it real hip-hop.” he said. “People don’t understand that hip-hop got started from being rebellious to any rules. Hip-hop has no rules, and the only reason hip-hop started getting rules [was] because of radio airplay, sales, different spins and trying to reach out to another audience. But Jay and Kanye got the audience already so they can do what they want to do, and I think that’s what they doing, which is a great move.”

Mr. Alicia Keys, who last work with both emcees on the remix to Kanye’s “Power,” has played a role in an album he thinks has the potential to change the game. “I’m involved a little bit on the album, and just hearing the different songs it’s like ‘Wow, they’re really taking it to another level.’ I’m happy to be a part of it, those are my brothers and [they’re] going to continue pushing the envelope,” he said before adding that, “‘H.A.M.’ will be followed up by tracks that are “just gonna keep getting better.”

Swizz is also a big fan of these high profile collaborations. “I think that those being both of my friends, and knowing that people can team up on such a high caliber level — as musicians, as rappers, as friends, as peers — I think it’s super positive, and I think that if more of the industry did moves like this it would be a better place for everybody.”