Safe to say Dice Raw hasn’t had the best start to his new year. Last week, on Wednesday the 5th, the Roots member was driving in North Philadelphia when his brand new Jaguar XK convertible was struck by a motorist who had run a red light. The Philly native sustained minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Dice spoke to about the incident, saying, “It happened so fast – I was turning and this silly b***h decided she couldn’t wait two seconds and swerved around someone that was stopped and blew through the red light. My car got totaled, my face got all cut up, my ankle and knee are fucked and I still can’t walk.” Speaking from his home where he is recovering, the rapper added, “It made me realize I got good people around me though – my parents dropped everything and came through and I want to shout out my man D and my partner Tom who came and chilled with me in the hospital while they stitched my s**t up.”

To see pictures of the totaled Jaguar and to hear how Dice plans on using the accident as a catalyst to give back to those less fortunate than he head over to