Rapper Rhymefest can now add professor Cornel West to his growing list of political supporters. West revealed last week that he’s “155 percent” behind Rhymefest and his choice to run for alderman of the 20th Ward in Chicago.

“I am in his corner 155 percent on a scale of 100,” West explained to the SunTimes.com. “He has been fundamentally concerned with how to serve the people — you can serve artistically, religiously, politically.”

Rhymefest announced his interest in running for political office in his hometown of Chicago back in October of last year. The announcement came only months after the release of his sophomore album El Che.  

In other Hip Hop news, Ghanaian musician Gyedu Blay Ambolley is claiming to have had the first ever rap single.

Ambolley even plans on challenging the Guinness Book of Records which has Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” listed as the first major rap song. His song, “Simagwa Do,” was released before Sugarhill Gang’s and is considered rap.

Ambolley revealed his plans at the Hip Hop Nation music summit in Ghana.

In the days leading up to the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti various celebrities will be Tweeting and sharing a 35 second message of hope on UploadHope.org as part of the “Upload Hope, Download Better” campaign.

“A year ago, the earthquake left several hundred thousand people dead but it did not kill the hope and ambition Haitians have for a better future,” stated Melky Jean, Co-Executive Producer and inspiration for the “Care for Haiti” album, in a statement. “I am so proud of the Haitian people for their perseverance and excited to be a part of the Care for Haiti project. I hope it inspires all to know that we all can do our part to make Haiti and the world better.”

The “Upload Hope, Download Better” campaign was created by the Care for Haiti Movement, CARE, Yele Haiti, Carma, and Slip N Slide Records.