In the midst of what has been described as a nationwide uprising, Tunisian authorities have arrested several bloggers, activists and a rap artist.

Al Jazeera reports that two web activists, Slim Amamou and Azyz Amamy, have not been heard from since Thursday (January 6). Reporters Without Borders (RSF) indicated that it had been alerted that six bloggers and activists had been arrested or had disappeared in Tunisia, and that others were likely being targeted.

Among those arrested is rapper Hamada Ben-Amor, a 22-year-old emcee who wrote a song critical of his goverment’s policies.

“Some 30 plainclothes policemen came to our house to arrest Hamada and took him away without ever telling us where to. When we asked why they were arresting him, they said ‘he knows why’,” said Hamada’s brother, Hamdi.

Hamada, known to fans as “The General,” released a song on the internet two weeks ago titled, “President, Your People Are Dying.”

“We are asking for the release of all those who are in jail for just telling the story of what is going on in their country,” said Jean-Francois Julliard.

“And we are asking above all for journalists to have access to what is going on in the country at the moment.”