New Orleans, Louisiana producer/rapper Mannie Fresh produced for T-Pain and Mystikal last year. Although Fresh has remained active in a career that spans over 23 years, the former Big Tymers member suffered the tragic loss of his sister in 2007, who was murdered in her New Orleans home. Speaking with, Fresh revealed how that incident affected his music.

“It set me back dude,” said the hit-making producer for Lil Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile. “I’m not going to even lie to you. It made me think about some of the things I was saying on records and some of the things I was doing and everything, so it kind of put me in a funny place. For the longest, I didn’t even feel like doing music.”

That feeling has passed, as Fresh explained, “During one of my interviews this interviewer asked me, ‘What would your sister want you to do?’ It was just a revelation to me, and I was like ‘Yeah, what would she want me to do? You know what this is what I was born to do, like what am I doing?'”

Last year, Mannie Fresh released his sophomore solo album, Return of the Ballin’. Read the full interview with Ballerstatus here.