Diddy has often remained on the cutting edge as an entrepreneur and recently he showed he’s on the cutting edge of technology also. That’s what he showed during the 2010 holiday season as he traveled on a yacht, one called Soulmates, that was powered by an iPad. 

Anyone familiar with the German luxury yacht firm knows they are the team behind the design of Soulmates. This yacht will run about $850,000 for a week but that doesn’t include other fees that may be charged in the end, but the most interesting part of this is that it is powered by an iPad. For Diddy, this meant his entire family had iPads, equipped with applications that kept all of their interests in mind. 

Robert Connor, a central agent for Luxury Yacht Group, the company that leases the ships, explained how the iPad’s application setup was made specifically for its passengers.

“For instance, if we have a client who we know is a music industry bigwig, then we’ll program the app’s homepage to have a prominent shortcut to our high-speed media server’s music library, and we’ll do our research to make sure we have all the music they’d want to listen to.” 

On top of this, guests were able to enjoy a meals at a full dining room and relaxation in many Jacuzzis. If they wanted to work out, a gym was available. Passengers could also enjoy an entertainment salon. 

“We’ve a top-of-the-range al-fresco gym on board, but if you prefer keeping in shape on the dance floor then it converts into a disco, with an $80,000 integrated light and sound system,” Connor added.