Sleek Audio is trying to position themselves as “the leader in Wireless Hybrid and tunable audio products,” recently announced a new venture with 50 Cent. The Sleek by 50 Cent is a line of headphones designed by Curtis and engineered using Wireless Hybrid technology and military-grade metals.

“I know music and I’ve tried everything on the market as far as headphones go, but I wanted something different, something better, that really pushed the envelope and gave all music fans a new way to listen to their favorite artists,” said 50, who is now an equity partner in the company. “I was fortunate to find Sleek, the technology they employ and their knowledge of how we hear music truly blew me away. It was a perfect match, I didn’t want to create another pair of loud headphones, I wanted to create headphones that offer top-level performance, style and new technology.”

The carbon fibre headphones offer uncompressed wireless sound with 60 foot range and wireless track and volume control. Up to four sets of headphones can also by synced with a single audio source. For more check out

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