The latter half of 2010 ended with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa collaborating on the “Black And Yellow” remix, but as Snoop told DJ Skee, he’s been a fan of Wiz for quite a while. As he discussed their upcoming straight to DVD release, High School, Skee confirmed that the pair have been tight for a while now.

“I remember back in the studio years ago with the homie Terrace Martin and stuff,” Skee said. “Before Wiz was the Wiz we know now, you and him were getting down. You’ve been showing him love for a minute now.”

Snoop praised the budding Pittsburgh emcee adding that it’s a beautiful thing to see him the get attention, respect and world renown that he deserves. Snoop Dogg caught some subliminal, verbal shots last year for not being supportive of some of the “New West” artists, but he said the bond he established with Khalifa transcended their two respective generations.

“The people want to see the two generations come together where Hip Hop ain’t about old school and new school,” Snoop explained. “It’s just about good music, making moves and putting something out there that’s classic. People can respect it, and years from now say it was some gangsta shit that really made Hip Hop grow to another level.”

In addition to High School, the pair will perform together at West Virginia University on February 25. The concert will take place at the WVU Coliseum at 7:30 pm, and tickets go on sale Sunday, January 9. According to Snoop, in addition to “That Good,” there will be many more collaborations with Wiz.

‘Black And Yellow’ was the first one, and then I went ahead and put him on my record, so he had something on my album,” Snoop added. “Through those two songs, we decided to go ahead and say, ‘Let’s just do a movie and a soundtrack and just become bosom buddies and do what we do.’ We love what we do and we love each other.”