Houston, Texas’ Chamillionaire found solo success at Universal Records. The former rhyme-partner of Paul Wall struck platinum with his 2005 hit “Ridin’ (Dirty)” from the album, The Sound of Revenge. Although the emcee followed up with 2007’s Ultimate Victory, it’s been over three years since a studio album was released by Chamillionaire.

In a new interview with top music engineer Andrew Dawson, HipHopDX learned that Chamillionaire has reportedly severed ties with the major label. “I’ve been working a lot with Chamillionaire, because I produced some tracks for him. He got out of his deal with Universal [Records], which wasn’t a good situation for either of them,” revealed Dawson. “Him and I have an active producer agreement that is now null and void because they got caught in the legal shuffle, but I’m like, ‘I just want the music to come out. Let’s find a way to make it happen.’ I was emailing him stuff back and forth when I was [with Kanye West] in Hawaii. Some big stuff will be coming out this next year, so I’m stoked to see it going.”

At last reports, Chamillionaire’s third solo album is to be called Venom.

Read Andrew Dawson’s full HipHopDX interview here.

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.