While many rappers turn to acting or delving into new business ventures as a side hustle, rapper Positive K has chosen to take another route. According to AllHipHop.com, Positive K recently brought his stand-up routine to Charleston, South Carolina’s Palmetto Comedy House.

“Being a rapper is a hard job, so I decided to [do] stand-up comedy,” Positive K. explained to AllHipHop.com. “My Guy Ice-T said I beat him to the punch, because he said he was going to go in himself.”

Considered a veteran in Hip Hop Positive K is most well-known for his 1992 hit “I Got A Man” and “I’m Not Havin’ It,” a collaboration with fellow rapper MC Lyte. He’s also recorded songs with Big Daddy Kane, Brand Nubian, and more.

Check out a clip of Positive K performing one of his stand-up routines below.

In other Hip Hop news, a music video posted on YouTube yesterday (January 4) has revealed that rappers MURS and Terrace Martin will be releasing their collaborative album Melrose on February 8.

The light-hearted music video, which was directed by Van Stylez, features MURS and Terrace Martin exploring Hollywood’s famed Melrose District.

News of the album’s progress hit the net late last year when MURS revealed in a Tweet made on December 17 that he had received the masters for Melrose.

Hip Hop history was made earlier this week when the Grammy Museum announced that they will debut their first ever exhibit dedicated to the history of Hip Hop.

The Hip Hop exhibit, which will be titled “Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey,” will be open to the public beginning February 5.

“The story of Hip-Hop is a phenomenal one to tell,” said Jeff Wald, CEO of ARIA Multimedia Entertainment, in a statement. “Because of its passion for music’s rich cultural history, The GRAMMY Museum was the obvious choice to help us tell that story.”

On top of the exhibit the museum will also feature educational events, intimate performances, lectures, a CD release, a photo exhibit, and more. The “Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey” exhibit will end on Wednesday, May 4. 

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