In 2010, the top 50 biggest popular music tours pulled in 12 percent less than the previous year—approximately $2.93 billion for the year globally. And while Pop/Dance outfits and aging rockers and hair bands from yesteryear claimed the top spots, Hip Hop was represented with a presence on the top 50 listings as comprised by Pollstar.

The Black Eyed Peas tour numbers reflected what might have been their most successful crossover into the Pop world. With tour sponsors including Bacardi and Blackberry,, Fergie, and Taboo raked in $50.5 million in gross tour income to take the ninth overall spot.

Usher and his nationwide “OMG Tour” claimed the 25 spot with a gross tour income of $26.5 million. Jay-Z’s Live Nation deal continued to pay dividends, as Jay was the only solo Hip Hop artist found on the list. A gross income of $24.3 million, which was presumably boosted heavily by his Home and Home shows with Eminem landed Jay-Z at the 29 spot. Alicia Keys, who pulled in $14.5 million in gross tour income, earned her the 48 spot. Soul crooners Maxwell and Jill Scott rounded things out. Their gross tour income of $14.3 million earned the very last spot on the tour. A complete listing of the “Top Tours of 2010” can be found at