In July of this year rapper Murs took the opportunity to visit Ethiopia as part of the nonprofit, child advocacy organization Ordinary Hero.

The Ordinary Hero Foundation is an organization that strives to “encourage and provide a way for every person to make a difference in the life of a child as well as bring worldwide public awareness to the orphan crisis in the world.”

A video montage of Murs’ trip was posted on YouTube on December 24 of this month.

“This summer I had the privilege of traveling with Ordinary Hero to Ethiopia to do some volunteer work. We worked in various villages and orphanages,” said Murs in the description of the video. “This is footage of the beautiful children and wonderful people we met in place called Korah (a leprosy colony). We are currently raising funds to build a well and a new orphanage for this community.”

In the video Murs is seen greeting, singing, and taking pictures with local children.