According to TMZ, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were seen entering a studio recently, a sign that the two have teamed up to create a new music video. According to their reports, the video will be Kardashian’s first single on her upcoming musical debut and it will be directed by Hype Williams. 

No word has been given as to when supporters can expect the official video, single or album. While many of the involved have not spoken too much about this video shoot, Kardashian has sent a few hints of this via Twitter. 

OMG u guys have no idea what I’m doing today! You are gonna DIE!!!!less than a minute ago via TweetGenius

Its going down in here!!! Will twitpic soon! I’m turning it ooooonnnn!!!!less than a minute ago via TweetGenius

What an amazing day!!! I’m finished for today…but we have a few more to go! Can’t twitpic just yet but will soon!less than a minute ago via TweetGenius

While it is unclear when her debut will drop, it is also unclear if she will go by her real name. It seems she may instead opt for using an alias. She also went to her Twitter followers to ask for an alter ego name.

What should my alter ego name be?less than a minute ago via TweetGenius