In a year that’s been said to see final albums from Little Brother and Slum Village, another historic Hip Hop act is currently exploring a reunion. Newark, New Jersey’s The Artifacts have not appeared as a group on an album since their 1997 sophomore album, That’s Them. The duo of El Da Sensei and Tame One changed that earlier this month, appearing on local emcee Foul Mouth Jerk’s fifth album, The Oldest Trick In The Book on the song “Back Up On The Scene.” This reunion comes after several impromptu stage shows over the years, and more recently, a booked karaoke event in New Jersey.

In addition to a 13 year reunion, The Oldest Trick In The Book, released on December 14, features the following tracks:

1.) I Want In
2.) Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition
3.) Back Up On The Scene f/The Artifacts
4.) Hangovers In Heaven
5.) Sit Beside Me
6.) The Dirt
7.) So Cold f/DJ Marley Carroll
8.) Heart Fulla Hustle f/John Boy
9.) Rome Is Burning f/Marisol Tomas
10.) This Can’t End Well
11.) The Bobby Trap
12.) Persona Non Grata
13.) Save Ya Breath
14.) Some Money