West Coast emcee The Game’s Christmas was less than cheery after the emcee was robbed while shopping on Christmas Eve. The rapper revealed the robbery via his Twitter account (@thegame).

So, heres my day: tried 2 do last minute shoppin 4 da kids & valet stole a Louis Duffle out @avanterose ‘s car & we 2 chains & $75,000 short1:48 AM Dec 25th via Twitterrific

The Game continued the story, which involved getting static from the police.

Story cont.. So police come & guess who get patted down ? Yea, US !!! then they tell us da palmtree was blocking the crime scene on the tape1:52 AM Dec 25 via Twitterrific

Game continued, accusing the Topanga Mall “Nordstroms” valet of having a “stealing ring” operation. Game vowed that the thieves would get theirs eventually.

They aint seen the last of us tho. Soon after xmas is over….IT’S ON you thieving mothafuckas !!! If u dont get a gift tomorrow THAT’S WHY1:57 AM Dec 25 via Twitterrific