From his arrival in mainstream Hip Hop over the last two years, North Carolina’s J. Cole has been frequently compared to emcee legend Nas. In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, the Roc Nation hopeful candidly spoke on that discussion. “It don’t even sound right to me [that I’m compared frequently to Nas], ’cause Nas is [in] another stratosphere, but there has been some dialogue,” said Cole. The emcee continued, revealing a mutual affinity for each other’s work, when they crossed paths. “When I met him, I tried to give him like extra props – like I tried to bow down in his presence. He kinda wouldn’t let me, ’cause he’s like, ‘Man, I’m a fan of yours.'” Taken aback by the exchange, Cole asserts that it’s unusual for the iconic 20-year veteran to respect an artist without even a single album released to date. “It’s impossible for you to be a fan of mine; it’s not supposed to happen like that.”

Asked by Bootleg Kev about the likelihood of a collaboration, Cole said, “Man, I’d do a whole album with Nas.” More than just speculation, J added, “Whenever Nas is ready, I’m ready.”

Last month, J. Cole released his latest mixtape, Friday Night Lights .